Professional use requires professional support.

If you take interest in the Kite Optics brand, there is a big chance your binocular or scope is for intensive use or work related activity, rather than occasional viewing. Kite products are specially designed for heavy usage, but we can not prevent accidents from happening. We can however make sure our service level towards you and your optics is uncomprimising, and that is one of the things we do best. Prioritizing the mechanical durability of our instruments, allows us to grant our customers one of the best after-sales service levels worldwide.


The KITE warranty.

Most Kite Optics instruments are covered by warranty periods varying from 30 years to lifetime. To learn the exact warranty period of an instrument, please check its technical specification in the product-menu. To learn all about the warranty, please see the warranty section.

warranty details


Lost parts?

For the lost or damaged accessories of your instrument, such as raincovers objective-covers straps and pouches… please take a look in the
parts webshop or take contact with your dealer or Kite Optics directly. It’s as easy as that.

parts webshop


Extra support.

There is no need to registre the product to enjoy a full warranty period. However registering your product will help us maximize our service towards you, keep you updated of any news regarding your instrument, and maybe even allow us to help you in case your product gets stolen or lost.

product registration


A KITE instrument can always be repaired.

Maintenance and repair work on Kite Optics instruments is carried out at Kite headquarters in Jabbeke Belgium and Holland, where highly skilled technicians and specialized equipment allow repair on optical instruments no matter how severely damaged. Where it is logical that warranty repairs are free of charge, it is the non-warranty level where Kite Optics makes the difference. It does not matter if the user is to blame for the damage, at Kite Optics we can bring the cost of such repair to an absolute minimum because of the unique way our product and service-system is built.  


Get your KITE instrument repaired.

To learn what do do in case your product is in need of repair, click here.

see repair procedure


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